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iphone Battery Replacement

If your iphone batteries eventually lose their charge faster over time or don't take a charge at all. There are several ways to determine if the phone needs a new battery: Phone is Dead, Phone Only Shows Power When Plugged In, Phone Dies Quickly, Phone or Battery Starts to Feel Hot, Battery Bulges. Without a battery or other form of power, a phone is worthless. Is it worthwhile to replace a phone battery?. If you have an old iphone that's not in the best condition, a dead battery may be a symptom of thing to come if you hang onto the device. It may not be worth getting a new battery, only to have the phone give out a few days or weeks later. However, if the phone is in good condition and fits your needs, it may be beneficial to purchase a new battery to get it up and running again.

Our iphone Service Point will replace your faulty battery with one that works properly. Once we have fitted the new battery, we will run various tests to ensure it is working properly. We have batteries for all models of iphone mobiles.

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